About Romeo S. Washington

Hawaii Tahiti Artist
Paintings of Polynesia

Just visiting Hawaii or Tahiti one would wonder, and say if only, .... and then dream and romanticize living in a home above fertile fields of taro, or in a small house along a quiet shore in French Polynesia.

In reality, I'm fourth generation of farmers and gardeners on the mainland, who enjoys the natural beauty of the lands which God had made. On a record album, "Sunday in Hawaii", Reverend Abraham Kahikina Akaka said, "It is the Aloha of God working within us that welcomes a stranger and seeks his good.

Kumu Tiare Clifford shared this love with everyone and encouraged me to learn more about the culture of Hawaii before she passed away. Hawaii is a very special place, a land very rich and beautiful, her people strong and loving. Hawaii is full of mystery, mythology, magic, and ancient traditions.

It is this same love that welcomes me home to my friend's house, Joel and Hinano. They have made me a part of their family in Tahiti and have shown me the beauty of Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, and Rurutu.

Joel has really opened my eyes about life in Tahiti, its music, dance, the best places to fish, the healing nature of plants and ocean. During my last visit, we stayed in a little blue house along a quiet shore. We swam and we fished until the moon went down in the early morning, it's reflection on the ocean disappearing into the horizon. This was just one of many perfect days in French Polynesia.

In Tahiti, I have had my artwork in Gallery Antepodes in Papeete, Tahiti. Joel has inspired me to open my eyes a little more, to experiment and get out of my comfort zone in my art. I'm eternally grateful to him and his family.

In my paintings of Polynesia, I see a romanticized and idealized life. Aloha and Iaorana has presented me with good people in my life. Who would ever know that two words could be so powerful.

Now, let me present my paintings of Polynesia to you.

Mauruuru & Aloha,

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